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Payment Options

The cash price for the sleeve gastrectomy is $18,177. The fee must be paid in full at the time of your preoperative appointments.

The price includes the following items:

  1. All preoperative appointments and classes
  2. Hospitalization
  3. Surgeon's fee for sleeve gastrectomy surgery
  4. Anesthesia fee for initial procedure
  5. Nurse anesthetists fee for procedure
  6. Performance of upper GI series after surgery
  7. Routine postoperative care for up to 90 days
  8. Hernia repair, if a hernia is found at the time of surgery

The following services are not covered by this agreement and you may receive a bill for these additional services (insurance may cover some or all):

  1. Hospitalization beyond 6 days after surgery
  2. Radiologist fee for reading upper GI series
  3. Any care rendered to you after 90 days
  4. Anesthesia and hospital fees for any reoperations that may be required
  5. Fees for any consulting physicians needed to treat you in the hospital
  6. Pathology
  7. Any other services rendered not included in the above covered services

Payment Instructions:You will need to write three separate payments to cover the total cost of your procedure. Please make payment to each of the following:

Memorial Health University Medical Center


Memorial Surgical & Bariatric Care (Surgeon Fee)


Memorial Health Anesthetists (Billed after surgery)


Total Cash Price:


Additional Out of Pocket Expenses:

Psychological Evaluation (if not covered by insurance)


Success Habits Workshop


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