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The Bariatric Program

About the Program

The bariatric team at Memorial Health University Physicians – Surgical & Bariatric Care offers a comprehensive clinical approach to surgical and non-surgical weight loss management. We aim to cure the disease from obesity from all angles – medical, nutritional, physical and psychological.

The program at Memorial Health University Physicians – Surgical & Bariatric Care works to help patients do more than just help achieve their weight loss goals but is also designed to help improve the patient’s quality of life and health. Our board-certified surgeons, Dr. Oliver Whipple and Dr. Robert Kelly are committed to providing accessible weight loss services to all individuals in Savannah, Georgia and surrounding communities.

At Memorial Health University Physicians – Surgical & Bariatric Care, we believe that surgery is only one component of your entire journey. Our meetings offer education, encouragement, and support every step of the way to show you how to make your surgery a success long term, so you can finally live the life you’ve always dreamed – a healthy life free from obesity. Our workshops and support groups are free and open to those who are contemplating weight loss surgery, those who have already undergone the surgery, and to the patient supporters interested in gaining insight and learning more about surgical treatment of obesity.

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