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Roadmap to Surgery

About Surgery

What a journey commonly looks like.


Exploring weight loss surgery is usually a sign of taking your health more seriously. You may have thought about bariatric surgery for months or even years before exploring it as an option. Stories from real patients, meeting the doctor’s team, knowing about insurance coverage and costs and the pros and cons of the different surgical procedures are usually the main drivers to make a decision. A final step in this part of the journey is to check online for general eligibility for surgery.


After checking for eligibility, choosing a care team is the next step. In preparation for a consultation with a surgeon, you’ll need to submit a patient profile online and complete an intake interview with an intake coordinator over the phone. After that, you’ll schedule your first appointment with the surgeon and his or her team.


If both patient and surgeon decide to move forward, starting a 3-9 month evaluation period is the next step depending on your insurance. During this time, our program requires the completion of actions like: meeting with a dietitian and attending a psychological evaluation. Your insurance may also require participation in a non-surgical weight loss program. The specific actions are discussed with everyone individually and in person and an online app is provided to help navigate through this phase.


After completing all required actions and receiving approval from your insurance company, patients and surgeons usually discuss the final preparations for surgery and schedule a date for the operation.


This day is the start of a new chapter. It is not the end of the journey but the beginning of a new one. Learn about Life after Surgery.

Roadmap to Surgery
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